Remote Imaging Solutions is operated and owned by ex-military personnel who have a passion for working with our Defence clients. Having highly trained personnel with extensive knowledge of the military, we grasp an understanding of the different security measures and classifications of a wide range of tasks. Remote Imaging Solutions is listed in the WA Defence Industry Capability Directory highlighting the services we can provide for Defence.

Having conducted many jobs with several clients on HMAS Stirling, we have the capability to operate our UAVs within Defence airspace. We can provide;

Asset inspection

Providing a safe solution with the use of multi-rotor UAVs with the capability of producing high resolution video and stills in which our client can review on site to save cost and valuable time.

Close visual inspection

With our experience piloting UAVs and the use of zoom cameras, we are able to fly close and capture a detailed inspection of a structures vulnerable point or areas of interest.

High Resolution Data

Our UAVs are capable of carrying cameras which provide high resolution video and stills. Our clients are able to grasp a clear and detailed understanding of their assets condition on site in a timely manner.

Mast, radar and antenna inspection

We understand that the readiness of naval ships is important within Defence. We can provide a safe solution for conducting inspections on vessels in hard to reach locations which will eliminate the requirement for personnel being put at risk.

Corrosion detection

With the use of our high-resolution thermal cameras, we can detect corrosion in certain areas of interest and provide our client the data for asset management.