With the UAV technology rapidly expanding, the use of UAVs are becoming more common in the mining industry to provide a safe, rapid and cost effective solution. Our employees obtain mining experience where we can assist with creating a better solution to optimise the calculation of production.

Pit survey

With the use of out multi-rotor UAVs, we are able to estimate the extraction and production potential to determine the profitability of the mine.

Stockpile calculations and pit volume

With the use of photogrammetry, we are able to calculate accurate volumes of stockpiles for estimated calculation of production.

Close visual inspections

With our experience piloting UAVs and the use of zoom cameras, we can fly close to structures and capture detailed inspections on a structures vulnerable point or areas of interest.

Asset inspections

Providing a safe solution with the use of multi-rotor UAVs with high resolution video and pictures which our client can review on site in order to save cost and valuable time.

Conveyor belt monitoring

Using our thermal cameras we are able to monitor conveyor belts with the ability to detect any abnormality during operation.