NRM Consultants engage Remote Imaging Solutions to capture images of pedestrian bridge

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When structural engineers from NRM Consultants needed to get up high to investigate corrosion on a local footbridge, they realised the low risk, low cost option to capture the initial data was to use a UAV. Remote Imaging Solutions was able to set about working on the task with NRM Consultants to show how quick and easy a UAV could get to the out of reach places. At the same time taking still photos and high resolution video for analysis.

On the day of the work, it took only 1.5 hours to set up the UAV and then conduct the flights needed to get all the images requested by NRM Consultants. This set of data will help provide the recommendations for the next stage of work on the ageing bridge.

Using a UAV has its own risks, and Remote Imaging Solutions understands these well allowing for a smooth and safe morning of helping NRM Consultants achieve the requirements. Not having to close the bridge completely and with workers at heights to get these images would have taken far more time and put many people at risk. A UAV takes the people out of the equation at heights and gets the job done at a lower cost.


capturing images over pedestrian bridge