Oil & Gas

Our personnel have extensive offshore experience with an understanding that inspections are required in dangerous hard to reach locations. With the use of our multi-rotor UAVs, the inspection provides a safe and cost-effective solution without the risk of personnel being exposed to hazardous conditions. Being able to capture data allows our clients to monitor their assets over time. Our employees obtain offshore training and are ready at short notice.

Pipeline monitoring

We provide onshore oil and gas transmission pipelines monitoring for maintenance and safety, to prevent equipment failure and accidents.

Corrosion detection

With the use of our high-resolution and thermal cameras, we can detect corrosion in certain areas of interest and provide our client the data for asset management.

Flare stack inspections

Being able to safely and effectively deploy our multi rotor systems to conduct inspections in dangerous and hazardous locations eliminating the risk of placing personnel in harms way

Close visual inspections

With our experience piloting UAVs and the use of zoom cameras, we can fly close to structures and capture detailed inspections on vulnerable points or areas of interest.

High Resolution Data

Our UAVs are capable of carrying payloads which provide high resolution video and photos. This allows our client to grasp a clear and detailed understanding of their assets condition.

Thermal imagery

With the use of FLIR, we can detect weak structural points that cannot be detected with the naked eye. Our clients able to archive the data and use for asset management.