With our UAVs we provide a safe solution for carrying out inspections eliminating the requirement for scaffolding, cherry pickers, rope access and most importantly risk to personnel.  If data is required at short notice, our team can rapidly deploy our aircraft to carry out inspections which enables our client to save cost and valuable time.

Close visual inspection

With our experience piloting UAVs and the use of zoom cameras, we can fly close to structures and capture detailed inspections on vulnerable points and areas of interest.

Stack inspection

We have the capability to conduct internal and external stack inspections which eliminates the requirement for personnel being put at risk.

Powerline and Transformer inspection

The use of our multi rotor UAVs with high definition and thermal cameras conducting powerline inspections, makes the work safer, more efficient and less expensive. With the ability to rapidly deploy a UAV in varying locations allows a fast and safe solution with carrying out the inspections.

Wind turbine inspection

We can pilot our UAVs to inspect wind turbines capturing both visual and thermal images for on-site analysis and assessment. With thermal imagery you can assess the structural defects on the blades which can not be seen with the naked eye.

Bridge inspection

We can carry out bridge inspections being able to fly our multi-rotor UAVs above and below bridges capturing data checking for structural integrity.

Communication tower inspection

With the use of our multi-rotor UAVs, we can inspect communication towers before maintenance work can be done. This preliminary survey is conducted to determine where to work and what maintenance is required. We can identify potential climbing hazards, damage and any nesting wildlife.